An Ambivalent Rumination
14-channel sound installation, 12 antique chairs, 3,000' black speaker wire, 6 LED clamp lights, 7 mini amplifiers
16.5'x13.5', 16:16 on loop

An Ambivalent Rumination, explores/addresses ambivalent feelings towards a life of motherhood in an age where women and society still believe in motherhood’s myth that all women who can bear children should bear children and should do so happily. For my research, I explored readings from Mora Davey’s Mother Reader and Simone de Beauvoir’s The Second Sex which both support alternatives to longstanding myths and conventions regarding motherhood. The exhibition’s primary medium is sound, that is, sound with accompanying narrative which is non-linear in its approach. This narrative has an unabashed and sometimes brutal truthfulness to it which is autobiographical in its approach. I have chosen to allow the viewer/ listener to enter my “head” for the purpose of opening up conversations about ambivalence, and longstanding myths about motherhood. Eight other sounds which signify various emotions of ambivalence and sounds associated with motherhood, are played each on its own speaker around the perimeter of the space to enhance and carry the viewer/listener aurally through the duration of the piece. Some of these sounds are primal and melodrome in nature, while others are recognizable such as ticking clocks, a baby crying and broken children’s music boxes to name a few. The space gives off an uncanny feeling of being separate and secluded, this feeling of uncanniness is amplified through the sounds and form of the installation which are metaphors of being in the private internal space of someone’s psyche.
An Ambivalent Rumination
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